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Support Contact Information

Contact us via email at
You can also reach us via our toll-free tech support number at: 888-738-3935, extension #2, Technical Support

Email Information

Xcel Technologies provides robust email services capable of handling all of your email needs  The mail system contains  robust anti-spam and anti-virus protection to limit the amount of spam and viruses received through the system.  Read below for some more information on the system.

General Setup Information

Mail Settings
Incoming and Outgoing Mail Server:
Username: Email Address, generally lower case, but CASE sensitive!
Password: CASE sensitive, whatever you set up. The passwords are encrypted in the database and we are unable to give them out. They can be reset though.
Other: NO SSL, alternative SMTP Port: 587 if port 25 is being blocked by your ISP.

Mail Server Administrators:
Mail Users:
Secure Webmail:

Anti-Spam Measures

As mentioned, Xcel Tehnologies takes very active measures to prevent spam from clogging your email client. Several pieces are in-place to cut down on the amount of spam you receive.

  • Spam is automatically refused at the mail server from known spammers.  Several databases are automatically checked for every incoming piece of mail.
  • All incoming mail is gray-listed (temporarily refused) to reduce the amount of spam the system sees on a daily basis.  This cuts down over 95% of the spam the system sees, as spammers typically don't try again if it fails the first time.  Once a system tries again (1-15 minutes typically), that address is marked as good and no longer subject to the automatica denial.